Why Bayer

Innovation & Solutions


At Bayer, innovation is part of our DNA. But it’s not something that happens exclusively in laboratories. We see it as being open to new and unconventional approaches and perspectives. Our working culture is driven by our passion and our fascination to think ahead. That is why we encourage you to question the status quo and constantly think beyond the obvious. It takes imagination, ambition, and courage to find answers to society’s most pressing questions.

Learn how our research and development, employee initiatives, and focus on our people all support the groundbreaking scientific advancement that Bayer is known for. Plus, find out the opportunities you will have as a Bayer employee to impact the company and influence our culture of innovation.

Research and Development at Bayer

The success of our company is based on excellence in research and development (R&D). The know-how and skills of our employees are our most valuable resource in this endeavor. We develop new molecules and technologies in the research-intensive fields of medicine and modern agriculture and invest continuously in R&D projects.

The approximately 14,000 researchers who work in Bayer’s R&D division share one goal: to improve people’s lives. The innovations developed in our laboratories range from life-saving medications for humans and animals to a broad range of innovative chemical and biological products for improving plant health. Every project we work on aims to solve society’s great challenges.

The imagination and courage of our employees drive every successful product and discovery Bayer makes. Our “research” magazine takes you inside our pipeline, shares the stories behind our innovations and introduces you to the people who make them possible.

Learn about Bayer's Pharmaceuticals pipeline here

Learn about Bayer's Crop Science pipeline here

Strengthening the Culture of Innovation


Innovation is a cornerstone of our purpose and “Science for a better life” is a core element of our strategy. We define innovations as new solutions that generate added value for our customers and society.

That’s why we have developed two initiatives that collect the best ideas and solutions from all Bayer employees: “WeSolve” allows employees to submit challenging questions and seek answers from colleagues, and the Bayer Ideas Pool elicits suggestions for improvements to the company.

Combining our knowledge and ingenuity ensures that our most innovative ideas will be heard and put to use by our customers and society.

Bayer in Boston

Bayer continues to invest in the Boston area to drive pharmaceutical innovation. Labs, Innovation Centers, and partnerships include:

The Precision Cardiology Laboratory (PCL) of the Broad Institute and Bayer focuses on using innovative technologies to better understand cardiovascular disease and pursue new drug targets. The PCL combines Broad’s innovative methods for basic scientific discovery and the clinical expertise of its practicing physician/researchers with Bayer’s long history of drug discovery and development. Physically located at the Broad Institute, the PCL consists of scientists from the Broad and Bayer working together toward a shared scientific vision. The PCL is looking for exceptional candidates to join an interdisciplinary team of computational biologists, laboratory scientists, and clinicians. Learn more by clicking here.

Bayer launched a joint lab with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in 2019 to research new therapeutic approaches and identify new drug candidates to treat chronic lung diseases. Scientists work side-by-side, combining Bayer’s capabilities in drug discovery and development with the complementary clinical expertise, understanding of disease mechanisms, data analysis capabilities and insights from leading physician scientists of BWH and MGH. More than 20 scientists from all three organizations work in combined teams at the lab located at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The rights to the research findings are shared equally between the organizations.

Bayer is currently building an integrative research institute and oncogenic signaling laboratory in Kendall Square on Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) campus. The lab will be housed temporarily at Tufts University until building construction is completed in late 2021. Researchers will support the existing oncogenic signaling pipeline, including late stage assets, to achieve milestones and increase disease understanding and drive therapeutic development. The lab will also expand collaborative efforts in the Boston/Cambridge area to confirm findings and build potential licensing opportunities. Scientific teams will be provided with ‘protected experimentation time’ to explore truly novel biology and/or development of new technologies. The new lab will cover two floors of the Kendall Square building, including both office space and R&D labs with flexibility to adapt to future needs.

LifeHub Boston is part of a network of Bayer innovation centers located across the globe. At LifeHubs, Bayer connects with the community through networking, mentoring and impactful events; explores promising leads through collaboration with customers, entrepreneurs and innovators; incubates solutions, technologies and pilots new business models; and matches experts with innovators to explore cutting edge technologies. We convene diverse communities and creative thought leaders, from architects to technology experts to scientists, to explore solutions to complex challenges in the fields of health and nutrition. LifeHub Boston is an innovation space that invites you to connect and co-create with the brightest minds in Bayer and Boston. Learn more by clicking here.