Benefits & Rewards

Wellness Programs


We care about your health and well being and want to encourage you to take an active role in maintaining your health. Therefore, we have invested in B Well, a health and wellness program tailored for Bayer employees and their families. B Well wellness goals include:



  • Providing wellness resources that emphasize awareness and prevention 
  • Encouraging all employees to take an active role in maintaining their health 
  • Creating a work environment that supports employee health

With B Well’s confidential and easy to use programs you’ll be empowered to take control of your health and wellness.

With online tools and resources, personal health coaches who are ready to help, preventative health screenings.  Bayer’s B Well program has it all!  B Well services are provided at no cost to you as a Bayer employee.

As a Bayer employee you will have access to the following programs:

Online Health Portal

The latest health information for you and your family, and a wealth of valuable tools and resources are at your fingertips at the B Well Online Health Portal. Use the tools and information to help set goals, monitor progress, find answers, stay motivated and be a better YOU.

Personal Health Assessment

Finding time to improve or maintain your health can seem difficult at first. Complete a 15 minute assessment of your current health to help take an important step in the right direction. The assessment is a completely confidential health and lifestyle assessment covering topics such as nutrition, stress and physical activity. The assessment will instantly provide personalized results and a plan you can use to take action right away.

Health Coaching

One on One telephonic health coaching is designed to create a personalized and tailored plan – just for you. A health coach will talk with you about your health and wellness challenges. Together, you and your coach will find a plan that works for you. Encouragement, helpful tips and ideas – you name it, your coach will be there for you.

Health Screening

Do your health stats add up to good health? Knowing your numbers is important information, and will help you set and achieve your goals. Depending on your work location, you may have the opportunity to participate in an on-site health screening, or you may have access to an on-site Occupational Health Department, or you may be encouraged to see your health care provider for a health screening.

B Well Rewards

To reward you for taking advantage of B Well program benefits, Bayer offers incentives for your participation.