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Interning at Bayer has been one of the highlights of my college career and a kick-start into the professional community. Working in Global Biological Development, I was able to cultivate an intimate relationship with science, something that no classroom could ever achieve. From enhancing platform processes to designing novel short interfering RNA, I immersed myself in new areas of molecular biology, learned new research methods, and honed my troubleshooting skills. But beyond the laboratory, Bayer has allowed me to expand my network, discover new role models, and develop as a professional. Through the support, guidance, and leadership of my managers and colleagues, I have without a doubt gained skills that will help me succeed not only in the laboratory, but also in life.

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As an employer, Bayer endeavors to appeal to the best and most talented people with the Passion to Innovate and the Power to Change.  We provide global development opportunities, a modern working environment and a competitive compensation and benefits package.

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Katie Blair - Technical Sales Representative

Katherine Trinh - Former Intern

Joseph Lin - Vice President, Global Hematology Strategic Marketing

DeAnna Beasley - Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Corinne Tocmacov - Senior Brand Manager

Linda Cawthon Griffin - License Compliance Officer

The stories describe how the employees experience Bayer as an employer or explain about the fascination of contributing to the mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” with their own work.