How to Join Us

Your Interview

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to pursuing an exciting career.  So, what happens now that you have submitted your application?  We’ve outlined the key steps in Bayer’s recruiting process below for your reference.

  • Once we receive your résumé, our recruitment team will review your qualifications against those required for the position you are applying for;
  • Candidates with skills and qualifications most closely aligned with the position requirements will be contacted directly by the recruitment team and invited for an appropriate interview or assessment based on the open position;
  • During the interview or assessment, we strive to get to learn more about you and to help you learn more about our company and the position you applied for.  This is an opportunity for you to play an active part in providing us examples of the level of experience you could bring to the position and your passion for our company

We will inform you of our decision as quickly as possible following the interview or assessment.

Tips from the Bayer HR Team

We are interested in you and would like to see if we could work well together.  We prefer a relaxed atmosphere for the interview or assessment, which is why we ask you to arrive on time and be prepared.  Please be fully aware of the skills and experiences that qualify you for the open position.  You should be able to give examples of how you gained and applied these skills in your academic and professional background.

Next Steps

Once we make our decision, you will be contacted to discuss the details and process the necessary paperwork.  We look forward to having you on board!