We are excited that you are interested in a career at Bayer!

Here are some questions we can anticipate that you may have about our company and our recruitment process.

We hope your candidate experience is as positive as your consumer experience.

Our Businesses

I’m familiar with Bayer aspirin, but what other products does Bayer have on the market?

Every day you use products that got their start in one of our labs. Our knowledge and our products are helping to diagnose, alleviate or cure diseases, improving the quality and adequacy of the global food supply, and contributing significantly to an active, modern lifestyle. For a full listing of our consumer products, click on Our Products.  

How can I learn more about the organization?

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. That is the foundation of Bayer: Science for a Better Life.

Visit us at www.Bayer.com for a detailed overview of our dynamic global company. You can review press releases; listen to podcasts; learn more about what is under research and development; review global and local community activities and sporting events.

Why Bayer

What benefits are available to employees?

We offer a wide variety of competitive compensation and benefit programs. We are committed to helping our employees maintain a healthy balance between their responsibilities at work and home. You will be eligible for paid time off programs, paid company holidays, flexible work options, and numerous site conveniences. Click on Working @ Bayer for more information on compensation and benefits.

What compensation benefits does Bayer offer?

We offer a wide variety of competitive compensation and benefit programs. In addition to a competitive base salary, you will be eligible for an array of innovative rewards and recognition programs, variable pay and incentive opportunities as well as benefits coverage beginning on your first day of employment. Click on Working @ Bayer for a complete list.

How can I further my education at Bayer?

You can be reimbursed up to 100% for educational expenses (tuition, books, registration and laboratory fees) associated with approved courses taken outside your normal working hours. Please note that there may be annual "caps" on the amount of reimbursement you can receive.

What other training programs are available to Bayer employees?

Our internal training opportunities include technical, professional and management development courses to help you achieve your individual career goals. We also offer assistance with foreign language skill building for professional development or in preparation for international assignments, some of which may be held on-site at Bayer locations.

Does Bayer have defined career paths?

One way we demonstrate our interest in encouraging you to develop in your field is through professional career ladders. These ladders outline the career path you would typically follow within a discipline or area of work. As you consider your next step on this path, you can identify specific developmental opportunities and establish action plans to grow within your field when opportunities to advance become available.

How to join us

How can I find out what jobs are currently open?

Our career website is updated throughout each day. If you do not see a position which you are interested in and qualified for today, you should visit our website again tomorrow as postings are updated daily.  Use the Job Search function at the top of the page to view current openings.


How do I apply for a job at Bayer?

To submit your application, make a job search which you find in the upper right corner of the career website. Select a position and click on the apply button. You will have the possibility to create a candidate profile, upload a LinkedIn profile or sign-in if you have an existing profile. Here you can also check the status of your running applications.


Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation during the recruiting process may contact us via email careersusbayer.com or phone1-877-229-3727. A member of the Bayer Recruiting team will be able to assist you.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

The username and password was emailed to you when you first created your profile. If you did not receive it, please check your spam/junk mail. You have the possibility to reset your password via our career website (LINK) using your e-mail address. You need to enter the system clicking ‘Returning applicants’. Underneath the log in field you will find the possibility to change or reset your password. Click on the latter. When resetting your password, the system will send you a notification within a few seconds with the possibility to reset your password. All steps you need to take are described in that notification.

I have changed my e-mail address in my profile and cannot log into it using my new e-mail address. What shall I do?

The system uses an authentication based on the e-mail address entered during the first connection. If the e-mail is changed, the authentication should be done with the old e-mail address. However, the notifications will be sent to your new address.


How can I be alerted of new job openings without having to check the Bayer career site daily?

You are able to set up job alerts that create systemic job notifications to inform you of positions that fit your profile and interests via email. Once created, all new positions that meet your defined criteria will automatically be emailed to you at the frequency you select. (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly). This feature is located by clicking "Returning Applicants," logging into your profile, and then clicking "Job Management." You can create several job alerts within the section “Saved searches/alerts” and/or delete them as well.

I have already created my candidate profile but I cannot remember my username and password. How do I retrieve this information?

The username and password was emailed to you when you first created your profile.  If you did not receive it, please check your spam/junk mail.  If you cannot locate the email, click above on "Returning Applicants" and select "Password Forgotten."  Once the screen opens, enter the email address on the profile you created and click "Request Password."  This will generate a new email containing your username and password.

Can I apply for positions outside of my country of residence?

Yes, of course. If you are interested in opportunities outside of your country of residence, visit www.career.bayer.com and select the country of interest in our job search to view the specific list of open positions in that country. Follow the application instructions provided to apply.

Does Bayer sponsor foreign nationals to work in the U.S?

Bayer provides sponsorship on a case by case basis, based on business needs. We encourage you to apply for positions of interest. Visa requirements will be discussed if you are selected to interview.

Can I appy using my mobile device?

In order to apply with your mobile device, your resume and/or cover letter will need to be saved prior to beginning the application process using either Dropbox or Google docs.  During the application process, you will need to upload your resume and/or cover letter using either the Dropbox or Google docs app.

Do I have to upload a resume?

Yes. The first step in creating your profile is to upload your resume. We'll automatically organize it to make it searchable by our recruiters and maximize your chance of finding a match. The accepted file types are DOCX, PDF, PPT, XLS, CSV, Image and Text.

In what language should I apply?

The application should always be done in the language of the job advertisement.


How can I delete my profile?

When entering your profile via the career website, you can click on "delete profile" in the upper right corner of the section "My Profile".

How can I check if my e-mail address is still registered in your system?

The best way to check this is to make a password reset in the system. Only existing accounts would generate a new password. If no notification is sent, you will need to re-apply.

Are there any restrictions when uploading attachments to my profile during the application process?

Yes, there are restrictions when uploading attachments.  Each attachment can be no larger than 3MB and the total of all attachments cannot exceed 5MB.

What happens once I submit my resume?

Immediately upon submission, you will receive a confirmation that your resume has been processed. If you do not receive this confirmation, you should try to complete your submission again.

Once your resume is submitted directly to a specific open position, a recruiter will review it against the position requirements to determine the disposition of the application. Those individuals who best meet the requirements will be contacted for further consideration.


What is my application status?

You can log into your profile by clicking on ‘Returning applicants’ in the right margin of this page. You will be able to see your application history by visiting the “Job Management” section and then click “Jobs applied” and can check the status of your open application.

How will I know if a job is filled?

If you are being considered for a position, you will be informed of your status throughout the recruiting process to the point at which the job is filled.

Do I need to apply again for each position I am interested in even though I applied to another position?

Yes.  You need to apply to each position you are interested in and qualified for.

How can I apply for an internship/co-op assignment?

You can submit your resume directly to the specific internship or co-op assignment of interest.  Use the Job Search function at the top of the page to view current openings.

When should I apply for an internship/co-op assignment?

Internship and co-op assignments are most frequently offered during the summer months. For those openings, we begin to consider candidates in December and continue through March.

All internship and co-op assignments will be listed with our current openings on our website; if you are interested in and qualified for one of these assignments, you should apply when that opening is posted.  Use the Job Search function at the top of the page to view current openings.


How can I refer a job to a friend?

You can refer a job to a friend in the system by selecting a job and clicking the “E-Mail job to friend” button. You will then be asked to enter your e-mail address and the one of the friend you would like to send the job to. The text in the message field is prefilled but of course you can delete it or adapt it to your needs.

In case you found the job on our career website you can also use the sharing function which will appear on the right side of the page. You have the option to share it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or to send it via E-Mail.

How do I apply to Bayer on LinkedIn?

You can use your LinkedIn profile to add information to your candidate profile by clicking the button ‘Apply using LinkedIn’. A new window will open asking for your LinkedIn credentials. As soon as you have typed them in you will see a four digit number which you need to copy and fill in the respective field. This is to make sure you really want to progress. Your profile data will be transferred to your candidate profile and you can check if everything is correct and as you want it to be. You can of course adapt, delete or enhance the information given.

What is E-Verify?

E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that allows employers to verify the employment eligibility of their employees, regardless of citizenship.  

Does Bayer participate in the E-Verify program?


If I require reasonable accommodations during the electronic employment application process, what resources are available to assist me?

Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation during the recruiting process may contact us via email careersus@bayer.com or phone 1-877-229-3727.  A member of the Bayer Recruiting team will be able to assist you.  

Will I be expected to travel?

The amount of travel required varies by position and is defined within each job posting. If interviewed, it is recommended that you discuss travel requirements directly with the hiring manager of that specific position.

Network with Us

Why is Bayer Jobs on Facebook?

Through Facebook, Bayer can share information with our prospective employees, stay in touch with interns, and communicate with people all over the world about working at Bayer. You’ll find information on our upcoming career fairs, campus visits and job opportunities, as well as regularly updated blog entries. And, we want to hear from you. Write on our Wall, join a discussion topic, and send us a note to let us know how we can improve our Bayer Jobs page on Facebook.

Do you have a list of targeted schools from which you recruit?

Bayer actively recruits at many colleges and universities.  Events that Bayer is participating in will be posted on our website, and through your college or university.


How can I, as a third party vendor, partner with Bayer on external recruitment for open positions?

Bayer posts positions open to contingency search firms on RecruitAlliance. For more information on how your firm can support our talent acquisition needs, please visit RecruitAlliance.